Délút Certifie

Our Company

The DÉLÚT Ltd. has more than 25 year-old experience in constructing. At the beginning, the company was responsible for cultivating gravel-pit and carrying and loading bulk. Besides covered digging and earth-work as well. Nowadays the Algyő seated company has become a well-known company works as an excavation specialist:

  • civil engineering
  • drainage system engineering
  • recultivation
  • mining of external building material
  • vehicular carrying

Our goal is to attend to customer satisfaction. We put emphasis not just on the full sevice of our clients but also on a particular cooperation with our suppliers and subcontractors. Indeed we take into consideration the long term profitable growth and to reserve our so far achieved stable market position.

Our policy is to absolutely fulfill both all the criteria of the surrounding local expectations and the bigger national projects too. Our future plan is to become an innovative and responsive company which can function succesfully in the hungarian private property.

Our team consists of well educated team members and we also dispose our own service station where we examine our vehicles and machines with our best knowledge and skills we gained in the last 25 years.